Self Build Ireland- Focus on Kitchens

Jonny Orr of Daniel George Kitchens chats to ‘Self Build Ireland’ magazine about how to design your new kitchen:

If you missed the live stream interview you can catch it on Self Build Ireland podcast or on Facebook using the link above.

In the interview Jonny discusses:

  • Optimal kitchen size
  • Current trends, including colours and handles, and must haves
  • Where the most savings can be made in a kitchen, including countertop materials
  • Common mistakes people make and what to think about when planning your kitchen
  • Tips to get the most out of walk in pantry
  • Magic corner cupboards: are they worth it?
  • Ideal size of an island
  • Pros and cons of building in a dining table into the island
  • Sink or hob in the island
  • What extractor fan options there are for the island, can you rely on heat recovery ventilation
  • Extractor fans in a passive house: what to consider
  • How to incorporate a deep standalone fridge
  • Kitchen lighting options 
  • Oven heights
  • Hand painting versus factory painting
  • Timeframe to get kitchen installed and ordering kitchens cross border in Ireland

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