Choosing your Kitchen Surfaces. What to consider:

Choosing the right Kitchen surfaces is as important as choosing the colour of your Kitchen Design, Its not just worktop surfaces to consider the material now typically extends through upstands, splashbacks, over large island units and to the floor via waterfall ends. When you think about it, your worktop will be the hardest working tool in your kitchen, having daily exposure to multiple foodstuffs and liquid spills as well as receiving countless knocks from a number of utensils. So kitchen surfaces need to be resilient, and giving this exposure choosing an easy cleaning workshop is also an important consideration.

What must you consider?

There are many things to consider including the finish, colour and ultimately the budget you have in mind. Surface worktops range from Marble, Granite, Quartz, Limestone, Slate, Neolith and pyrolave. There are various colour options available in each material. If you’re choosing a wood finish door you may consider a deeper surface colour, such as grey or black or if you decided on a brighter kitchen, a composite lookalike colour can tie the scheme together. 

Worktop Surfaces Available from by Daniel George Kitchens Ireland


While predominantly known for being white, marble is also available in greens, greys and blacks, while patterns range from high-contrast prominent veins to far more subtle tonal patterns.

Marble makes for a beautiful high-end look to your overall Kitchen and is real opulence to interior design schemes however it is relatively soft making it susceptible to scratching, chipping and cracks following heavier impacts. Marble is also porous, which makes staining an issue. Red wine, lemon juice and turmeric are all everyday items that may cause problems for your marble tops and even some harsher cleaning products do more harm than good.


Generally, marble worktops and granite countertops are durable and can handle heat up to a certain temperature. But granite is harder than marble which makes it more resistant to scratches and chipping work. It is a natural product quarried from the earth. Each slab is unique and can vary in appearance. There is not the range of colours and patterns that can be found in other worktop materials and granite.


High-quality surfaces use around 93 per cent natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials, which makes the finished countertop extremely durable. Not only is it scratch resistant but it is also virtually non-porous. Therefore staining issues associated with natural granite, marble and concrete tops are not an issue. Daily cleaning requires little more than a mild detergent and a clean damp cloth. Its non-porous properties mean that it never needs sealing and it remains one of the most hygienic surfaces available for kitchen spaces.

Quartz surfaces are available in a vast array of colours and patterns with high-end brands designing surfaces that are indistinguishable from natural marble and granite. Advances in quartz technology have also seen the development of finishes with unique textural movement and patinas capturing the look and feel of surfaces such as poured plasters or raw concretes, idea for industrial or urban-themed interiors


Limestone is aesthetically pleasing and works well with other natural materials, making it  great choice for your surfaces in your home, as it is a luxurious and hardwearing natural stone with lots of charm, which stand up to all sorts of bumps and bangs for many, many years.

Being a relatively soft stone, it can be easily shaped and cut, making it a popular choice for architects, interior designers and homeowners alike to create unique shapes and forms.  It is also heat-resistant — so hot pots and pans shouldn’t pose a problem – is mould an UV resistant and hygienic if treated and sealed properly.


 Slate is perfect for a kitchen worktop as it does not stain and is easy to clean. Each slate surface has a different natural pattern so your worktop will always be unique.


The neolith worktops range offers one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing yet durable collections of kitchen worktops. Neolith is part of a revolutionary new option for a man-made stone called Ultra Sintered Technology and is a versatile application for around the home or a commercial building.

Neolith contains minerals from granite, glass and silica including natural oxides which makes it one of the highly scratch-resistant and impact-resistant materials. It can withstand very high temperatures, you can even place a pan directly from the hob straight onto your work surface.

It is non-porous so will not stain and is extremely resistant to bacteria, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Get in touch to find out more about the different price ranges available. A Kitchen Showroom visit will allow you to sample each material and choose which feels best for your kitchen and fits your budget.  A designer will help you choose a worktop within your budget and show you examples of what will complement your kitchen style and colour scheme. Book an appointment here

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