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Daniel George Kitchens - UK & Ireland’s Leading Kitchen Manufacture, Inspired Furniture.

At Daniel George Kitchens, we take immense pride in our ability to craft timeless, handcrafted kitchens that serve as the heart of homes throughout the UK and Ireland. With a rich legacy spanning over half a century, we have consistently defined functional spaces with unparalleled craftsmanship and bespoke detailing.

Daniel George Kitchens, renowned for its exclusive kitchen designs, is the brainchild of UK manufacturing company Inspired Furniture, nestled in the picturesque rural setting of Coagh, just outside Cookstown.

Jonathan Orr and Ronnie McCulloch, the visionary leaders behind the company, assumed control of the family business 15 years ago, steering it towards unparalleled success.

Kensington Kitchen Design by Daniel George Kitchens Ireland
1975 Daniel George Kitchens Cookstown Signage
Hugh Orr and Uncle Willie George putting up the first sign outside the factory in 1975.

Where our journey began

Our journey commenced in 1968 when visionaries Alfie Daniel Orr and Willy George laid the groundwork for what would become a cornerstone of kitchen design in Ireland. Originating as a trade-only retailer under the Inspire Furniture Ltd brand, we have since transformed into a direct-to-client enterprise, Daniel George, showcasing the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation in every project.

Joined by Hugh Orr, uncle of the current owner, we continued to build upon the legacy established by Alfie and Willy. In 2002, apprentices turned torchbearers Jonathan Orr and Ronnie McCulloch entered the scene with a shared vision of leading the company into a new era.

With unwavering dedication and passion, Jonny and Ronnie guided the company through a bold pivot in 2020, opening our doors to the public as Daniel George Kitchens. This transition not only honoured our roots but also allowed us to share our passion on a broader scale.

Our Showroom and Factory

Nestled in Coagh, just outside Cookstown, our magnificent showroom stands as the epitome of kitchen inspiration, offering a comprehensive A-Z array of design possibilities. In addition to kitchens, we provide a range of adjoining rooms to ensure every space in your haven exudes cohesion and represents quality at every turn.

Our showroom holds a special significance, situated at the forefront of our factory. It was imperative for us to showcase our kitchen displays in the same location where our family commenced the company back in 1975. Customers have the opportunity to view our kitchens before touring the factory, witnessing firsthand where every piece is handcrafted.

Among the craftsmen, they’ll find the original founder, Willy George, who remains integral to our operations, preserving the values of integrity and craftsmanship instilled by himself, Alfie, and Hugh in every aspect of our work.

The in-house manufacturing process is what sets our company apart. As a result, customers can deal directly with the manufacturer and receive expert guidance and advice at every step of the process.

This can offer multiple advantages to the customer, such as ensuring functional design, technical expertise, and the ability to think creatively and develop innovative solutions for unique designs.

Daniel George Kitchens Showroom Open Day in Cookstown Northern Ireland
All Daniel George Kitchens are made on-site in the Daniel George factory Cookstown
Ronnie McCulloch and Jonny Orr Daniel George Kitchens at 2023 Self Build Live Show

Meet Ronnie and Jonny

Ronnie McCulloch 

At 17, armed with only three GCSEs, he embarked on a woodworking course, laying the foundation for his illustrious career. His pivotal moment came when he impressed Willy George, then Director of Orlee Kitchens, during an interview, leading to immediate employment. Under George’s mentorship, McCulloch continued to innovate.

Ronnie was recently awarded with the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award in the Northern Irish kitchen industry, during the 2024 Ulster Tatler Anniversary Dinner. This prestigious event, held annually to celebrate excellence within Northern Ireland’s business community, hailed Ronnie for his remarkable contributions and pioneering spirit in kitchen design and manufacturing.

Jonny Orr 

Jonny’s journey into the kitchen industry started at a tender age, deeply influenced by his family’s involvement in the trade. After emigrating to New Zealand and establishing a successful kitchen furniture business with his father, Jonny returned to Northern Ireland, where he further honed his skills as a production manager in his uncle’s factory. It was here that the seeds of Inspired Kitchens were sown, leading to the creation of Daniel George Kitchens, a retail venture that brought their bespoke offerings directly to consumers.

Under their guidance, the team has become synonymous with superior craftsmanship and the creation of high-quality bespoke kitchens, earning widespread acclaim and admiration within the industry. Inspired Furniture has previously worked closely with designers across the UK but in 2022 the manufacturing company saw the potential to offer their kitchen expertise directly to customers based on the island of Ireland.

By using features from their best-selling cabinet doors, sought-after design concept and the latest trends they created a range of kitchen styles that would appeal to homeowners.

Beyond Kitchens

Daniel George has expanded its offering to include media units and other joinery elements, ensuring that every space in your haven reflects quality at every turn.

Check Out Our Video Page

You can see more about us on our video page where we post videos talking about the history of Daniel George Kitchens, Inspired Furniture, about our stunning kitchens and about how we make all of our kitchens bespoke on site.

Daniel George Kitchens, Cookstown Northern Ireland
Daniel George Kitchens Showroom Open Day in Cookstown Northern Ireland

Visiting Our Showroom

If you seek inspiration and innovation in modern kitchen design, we invite you to experience our showroom and engage with the makers and masters behind Daniel George Kitchens.  Book a visit to our Coagh, Cookstown showroom.

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday visits to our showroom are by appointment only

If you are from Northern Ireland or Ireland, our showroom is conveniently located in Coagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

If you are from the UK mainland and you’re visiting our showroom, we’re just 30 miles away from Belfast airport. We’d be delighted to arrange a collection for your visit to our showroom.

Also, we have proudly established a network of resellers and designers throughout the UK, please get in touch to find one in your area.

Design Appointments

Our design department has a combined experience of 50 years and are confident we can create a Kitchen you will love for many years to come.  Customers are welcome to visit our showroom, open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm or if you wish to speak to a designer please book an appointment