3D & 360
Interactive Designs

Check out our latest 3D and 360 Interactive design that we have created for clients to really show off what the finished kitchen will look like.

What To Expect​

Step 1

During your initial contact with us, we will arrange a convenient time for your design consultation. This consultation will take place in our extensive showroom where you will get a good understanding of the bespoke furniture we make, here we will discuss your ideas, preferences, and budget, and we can talk through and advise on any other essential details related to your project.

Step 2

We go through in detail your requirements in order for us to create drawings and 3D renders of your space and Kitchen Design. At this point we’d like to inform you that a minimal one-off design fee is payable (£200), This fee will be deducted from the final price of your kitchen, if you proceed.

Step 3

Once we have your drawings done we will present those at our showroom where we can show the various features we have included. We also will have a quote ready for you based on your design choices.

What We Offer

2D Designs

Get a comprehensive visual representation of your kitchen’s layout. This detailed 2D design serves as the blueprint for your culinary dreams, allowing you to envision the space and functionality before it comes to life.

3D/4D Kitchen Designs by Daniel George Kitchens Cookstown

3D Designs

Visualise more with your layout and functionality with our 3D design service. A photographic layout of how your space will look.

360 Interactive Designs

Experience your design in immersive detail with our cutting-edge 4D 360° panorama. Step into your virtual kitchen and explore every angle, texture, and finish, providing a true-to-life preview of your future Kitchen.

Each design option incurs a nominal fee (£200), a small investment in ensuring your satisfaction and confidence. However, we want you to know that should you proceed with your kitchen, this fee will be deducted from the final price, making it a wise and cost-effective choice. 

Click on the images below to view the 360 interactive designs:

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