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Building your dream kitchen is an exciting journey that requires careful planning and consideration from the outset. Here is our advice on what to consider, before you get started! 

Deciding on styles

To get started think about and browse the style of kitchen cabinetry you visualise for your home. It may be a traditional shaker-style kitchen or a modern kitchen design. It’s important to get the cabinetry style right so that it will complement the rest of your home.

New kitchen renovation by Daniel George Kitchens Cookstown Northern Ireland

Choosing Appliances

Start browsing the appliances you would like to use in your kitchen design. There are many brands to choose from for cookers, integrated dishwashers and built-in coffee machines, each with their own price range. Having an idea of makes and models you prefer will help your kitchen designers to create a plan and 3D design of your kitchen using the measurements of the kitchen appliances.

Lincoln Kitchen Design Daniel George Kitchens Ireland

Think About Layout

When embarking on a new home build or renovation, it’s crucial to make decisions on the layout of your kitchen design early in the process. By having a clear vision of your desired kitchen aesthetics and functionality too you can save both time and money by avoiding costly changes and revisions later in the construction process.

For example, if you wish to add a sink or dishwasher into the island, you can communicate clearly with your tradespeople where exactly you need plumbing outlets and avoid extra costs of installing them at a later stage.

3D/4D Kitchen Designs by Daniel George Kitchens Cookstown

Set A Budget

A budget will depend on the size of your kitchen and also the appliances you decide to install. Before you start browsing style consider how much you wish to spend. A small kitchen can cost from £15,000  whereas a larger kitchen might be £25,000 and beyond.

At Daniel George Kitchens, we redefine affordability by offering competitive pricing on new kitchens. With our in-house designers and direct purchasing from the manufacturer, we empower customers to save significantly on their kitchen investments.

Bespoke Dining area design by Daniel George Kitchens Cookstown

What to do next

We highly recommend prioritising a visit to your Kitchen Designer to solidify your plan before embarking on any building or renovation works. A frequent oversight in self-building projects is neglecting to define the kitchen design early on. This oversight can lead to compromises based solely on the architect’s plans, rather than considering how the space should ideally function for you.

If you already have plans but construction hasn’t commenced, we encourage you to consult with us.

This allows for adjustments to be made—such as incorporating an island sink—even if plumbing infrastructure hasn’t been positioned accordingly.

Addressing such details early on can save on costly alterations later in the process.


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